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LDMOS RF Amplifier Linearization using PowerSDR mRX Pure Signal Mike Seguin, N1JEZ INTRODUCTION This paper will demonstrate the use of software to improve the IMD performance of a 50 volt LDMOS kW RF amplifier utilizing an NXP BLF-178 device on 6 meters. The software utilized is PowerSDR mRX Pure Signal. This is specifically written for use with

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6 & 2 meter LDMOS 1KW Linear Amplifiers (click on any photo for a larger view) My interest in 2 meter EME made it obvious to me that I needed a bit more power than the usual 100 watts available from most radios on the market. For years, I had used a Henry Radio Tempo 2002 tube amplifier that uses a pair of no-longer-available 8874 triodes.

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RF Power Amplifier Design June 11, 2001 Markus Mayer & Holger Arthaber, EMST 11 21 Amplifier Design - Simulation ⁄Gate & Drain Waveforms 0 500 1000 1300 Time (ps) Drain waveforms-5 0 5 10 15 20 25-1000 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 Inner Drain Voltage (L, V) Amp Inner Drain Current (R, mA) Amp 0 500 1000 1300 Time (ps) Gate waveforms-3-2-1 0 1 ...

RF Linear LDMOS Amplifier. Designed for ultra - linear amplifier applications in 50 ohm systems operating in. the cellular frequency band. A silicon FET Class A design provides outstanding. linearity and gain. In addition, the excellent group delay and phase linearity. characteristics are ideal for the most demanding analog or digital modulation.All protections for LDMOS devices. High Temperature: The DS18B sensor takes exact temperature from the Copper Spreader. When the temperature is> 50°C the fans turn on, if the temperature reached is> 65° C, the Bias and Drain voltages are disconnected, stopping the amplifier. High Current: The BTS50085 senses the Drain current constantly, if the current is> 41 Amps the Bias and Drain voltages ...